Monday Feb 26, 2018


PIANC is the global organisation providing guidance for sustainable waterborne transport infrastructure for ports and waterways. PIANC is the forum where professionals around the world join forces to provide expert advice on cost-effective, reliable and sustainable infrastructure to facilitate the growth of waterborne transport.
Regarding The attendance of secretary General of PIANC at The 9th and 10th sessions of the biennial International Conference on Coasts, ports and Marine Structures (ICOPMAS 2008,2010) and also high Scientific and executive level, the permanent Secretariat of the Conference has started its official work as the qualifying member since 2010.

Latest News

(Sunday 24 12 17)
34th PIANC World Congress - Panama 2018
The 34th PIANC World Congress will be held on May 7-12, 2018 at the Hotel Riu Plaza, Panama City, Panama.
(Sunday 17 12 17)
PIANC MED Days Congress 2018
4th Mediterranean Days Congress will be held on 17-19 Oct. 2018 in Seville, Spain, with moral sponsorship of the World Association of Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC).
(Tuesday 28 11 17)
Meeting of PIANC-Iran Delegates (Nov. 2017)
The meeting of PIANC-Iran Delegates in 2017 was held on 12th Nov. at Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran.
(Tuesday 17 10 17)
YPCom meeting of PIANC-Iran (Oct. 2017)
The first meeting of PIANC-Iran young professionals in 2017 was held on 11th Oct. at Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran.