Releasing PIANC MarCom WG 161

Releasing PIANC MarCom WG 161
PIANC MarCom WG 161 “Interaction between Offshore Wind Farms and Maritime Navigation" has been released.

This report provides an approach, guidelines and recommendations to assess the required maneuvering space for ships in the vicinity of offshore wind farms (OWF) and the minimum recommended distance between shipping lanes and sea areas for OWF in order to ensure a minimal risk to navigation. The report specifically addresses issues with OWF but these are a subset of Offshore Renewable Energy Installations (OREI) and some of the recommendations will have a wider application to other OREI.

This report:

·         Provides references to international conventions and regulations

·         Provides guidelines to define an appropriate safe distance to navigation for different situations

·         Describes the electromagnetic radiation effect on radio navigation and radio communication systems

·         Indicates mitigating measures to be taken into account for the safe navigation of shipping

·         Covers emergency situations that may occur within or close to an OWF.

This report is intended as a guide for the Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) of any Coastal State covering

Further information is available at PIANC website

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