Thursday Mar 21, 2019

اللجنة البحرية

- الرئيس: Mr. Francisco Esteban Lefler (Spain)

- العمل في مجال المواني و الطرق البحرية و المشاكل ذات الصلة

-  التعاون مع منظمات IMO و IAPLL و WODA و غيرها

- مجموعات التي يجري تشكيلها:  

- Renewable Energy for Maritime Ports

- Masterplans for the Development of Existing Ports

- مجموعات العمل التي يجري تشكيلها:  

- Recommendations for the Designs of Marine Oil Terminals

- Guidelines for Cruise Terminals

- Guidelines for Facilitation and Integration among Recreational, Fishery and Commercial Navigation

- Floating Transhipment Terminals for Solid Bulk Cargoes

- Berthing Velocities and Fender Design

- Classification of Soils and Rocks for the Maritime Dredging Process

- Design Principles for Container Terminals in Small and Medium Ports

- Stability of Pattern Placed Revetment Elements

- Application of Geotextiles in Waterfront Protection

- Safety Aspects of Berthing Operations of Oil and Gas Tankers